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Alston Moor Historical Society was formed in 1973, with monthly talks and visit to local places of interest.

The Society consists of a group of people with a variety of skills who are actively creating a dynamic local history resource, which ranges from well-researched articles, through a massive archive of physical documents, maps and digitised photographs, to oral history clips and videos.

During the 50 years of its existence many people have contributed their time, knowledge and enthusiasm in creating the organisation we have today. With regard to the archive, we're proud to claim that what we have is rather sophisticated, both in its 'hard copy' and its digital form. This catalogued mine of information about the past of Alston Moor, together with online recordings of the monthly talks, is readily available to anyone, anywhere in the world.

So carry on exploring our wonderful website and digital catalogue, which is an entertainment in itself, take your pick from the programme of activities, and become immersed in the past of this fascinating and unique area.

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