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Join our expanding membership scheme and receive regular updates in the form of e-newsletters and access to our monthly talks given by society members or special guests. You'll also be the first to know about guided walks and other activities you can get involved in.

By contributing just £13, you will be helping Alston Moor Historical Society to provide the best information and research service they can, to people far and wide.

Six reasons to join the Society

1. It’s only £13 to join. This gives you a good feeling for an entire year!
2. Your contribution is helping the Society’s ongoing costs of heating, web hosting, printing etc.
3. Free access to all the society’s talks which take place monthly. Given by society volunteers and invited special guests.
4. Monthly newsletter with updates on society activities and information
5. Enhanced access to the Catalogue in the form of larger images etc.
6. Use of the Society's discount codes for CLHF and BALH events and webinars.

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Historical Society

If you prefer...

Alternatively send a cheque for £13 made payable to

Alston Moor Historical Society

to AMHS Treasurer
c/o Alston Town Hall

Or pay us by BACS:
Account Name - Alston Moor Historical Society
Sort Code 20-40-09
Account No. 40067547

Thank you.
We look forward to you joining us

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