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For general interests and curiosity, one can peruse through old photographs, postcards and maps of the district. Researchers will appreciate browsing through local records pertaining to lead mining (among other topics) - all sorted by subject matter. In addition, we're happy to work with St. Augustine's Church if you need family history assistance!
Among our most treasured possessions are old maps spanning the last 160 years; these show how Alston Moor has changed (or not). No matter what your research question may be about - we'll help you find it!

The Archives are open on a Saturday from 12 pm to 2 pm. Or by appointment.

Visits can also be arranged via zoom/skype or similar.
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We are working on digitising our archives so that not only will we have an electronic record but anyone from anywhere in the world will be able to research our Archives.

Currently there are numerous photographs, audio files and newspaper cuttings.

The digital archive is hosted on another server and can be found here. It is fully searchable. So if you are interested in your ancestors, local history, the name of your house or anything else, a keyword will more often than not bring interesting results.

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As well as our own collection of physical and online archives, we are compiling a list of local, regional and national databases and archives.

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If you have any databases or catalogues that you would like us to include in our collection, please contact us.

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Local Articles

Here you will find Articles and Stories from Alston Moor. They are mainly written by Alastair Robertson who wrote a series of Articles for the Alston Moor Newsletter and they are reproduced here.

However other people have also written articles and will be featured here as the year goes on.

Happy reading.

Categories: 21st Century

It has long been an aim of Alston Moor Historical Society to officially recognise some of the Historic places on Alston Moor which have, in some cases, been long forgotten.

Categories: 20th Century

During the economic depression of the 1930s Alston was a particularly distressed area. The lead was almost completely worked out and there was no industry to replace it.

Relevant or not?

1000 Year Lease

Alston Moor is unusual but not unique in having a 1,000-year lease attached to many of its house deeds. This can throw solicitors from other parts of the country into a panic, but it doesn’t fluster locals.

During the middle ages a large area of the Manor of Alston Moor was divided into a total of sixty-eight ‘tenements’, or agricultural holdings; thirty-three around Garrigill, thirteen at Amoteshalth (Aimshaugh), and twenty-two at Nent and Corbriggate (Corbygates). The tenements contained the best land in the valley bottoms adjoining the Rivers South Tyne and Nent.

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Mining in earlier years

Vieille Montagne

The Vieille Montagne website has now been archived but you can see it here. The web site brings historians, genealogists and researchers from around Europe together into a co-operative project that investigated the history of the Vieille Montagne and its workers.

In 1896 The Vieille Montagne brought the outside world to this distant part of Cumbria, or Cumberland as it then was, turning it into a focus of international attention, which is hard to believe nowadays when one looks at the village. The company brought huge financial investment, new revolutionary technology, and a foreign workforce from places that locals had only seen in a school atlas.

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